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Key features of Truffle advertising platform

Get access to powerful solutions that simplify the ad buying process

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Set your iCTR, CPV, CPC, or CPA goal and let the machine learning algorithm optimize campaigns for you.

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Content Targeting

Targeting that allows you to promote your ad on sites related to specific topics, powered by deep learning capabilities.

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24/7 Campaign Approval

Fast campaign approval done in less than 5h. Available 24/7. Full information available on the approval process.

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Real-Time Reporting

Real-time reports based on three dimensions, for example: Site & widgetID & OS with a 12 months data retention.

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Full Transparency

Before you run campaigns you can see the placements along with volumes and eCPMs.

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Bot Auto-Detection

Benefit from Pixalate pre-bid filtering, in-house blacklists, and advanced auto-detection and anti-fraud technology.

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Rule-Based Optimization

Create rules that take action for you. Pause sites that do not meet your KPIs.

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Advanced Targeting

Reach your audience with advanced targeting options: Content Targeting, Retargeting, OS/OS versions, Mobile carriers, Connection, IP targeting.

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Exceptional Support

Helping you set up, manage, and optimize your campaigns. Receive insights about top niches, geos, networks. 24h support response time.

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Access to an Award-Winning Tracker

Access to powerful Tuffle features for free. Ultra-fast multidimensional reporting using the proprietary VoluumDB database.

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Access to Premium Traffic

Receive full access to all platform features and premium traffic right after you join Tuffle - Native Ads Demand Side Platform.

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Multiple Campaign Creator

Automatic split per traffic source and device to set up multiple campaigns with just one click. Quick multiple bulk campaigns creation in under 10 min.

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Bulk Uploads

Bulk upload creatives for faster ad creation. Save time, speed up your processes.

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Intuitive User Interace

Our users voted our interface the best on the market. The system is easy to operate, offers customizable dashboards, and custom conversions reports.

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PMP Deals

Get access to premium inventory and target high-quality placements.

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